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Filmbudd FAQ

This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about Filmbudd. Check out our Advanced FAQ for more technical information.

Filmbudd keeps evolving and adding new features, so this document may contain outdated information. We expect to finish updating the FAQ, Bot Manuals, and other documents within a few months.


What is Filmbudd?

Filmbudd is a cloud-based movie ratings and watch notes productivity app with a focus on simplicity and privacy.

Who is it for?

Filmbudd is for everyone who wants fast and picking up movie to watch, track what watch and when.

Those looking for extra privacy should check out our advanced settings and rather revolutionary policy. And if you want secrecy, try our mobile apps with track what watch and when, those track are privacy by default.

We keep evolving — check out our Brief History of Filmbudd and follow us on twitter and Filmbudd to stay in touch.

How is it different from others?

Unlike other apps, Filmbudd is free to use by signing in with an email. There's no need to bind your phone number or use your real name.

FilmBudd doesn't have a review community filled with extreme populism and low-IQ patriotism.

Filmbudd also focuses on simplicity and privacy.


Cannot receive verification code via email

Check your new message from trash, add [email protected] to your email whitelist, then try it again.

Other situations, Send email to [email protected] .

Delete your account

Note that deleting your account permanently removes all your data, This action must be confirmed via your Filmbudd account and cannot be undone.

If you would like to delete your account, you can do this via send us an email.

Your account status is abnormal

If your account status is marked as abnormal, some Filmbudd functions and services may be restricted and unavailable.

The reason for being marked could be one or more of the following:

  • The account is a test account;
  • The application for permanent deletion of the account (account cancellation) is under review and has not yet taken effect; Including but not limited to, you violate the Filmbudd terms of services or situations that Filmbudd could not predict but will affect the Filmbudd user experience;
  • Including but not limited to, you violate the laws and regulations of the place where Filmbudd operates, or the laws and regulations of the user’s location;

Except for test accounts, you can explain the situation and request to restore normalcy by contacting the email [email protected].

'May the Force be with you'.